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We provide sub-deliveries based on TYPO3 guaranteeing top quality and reliability of deliveries.

BSP Magnetica is a silver member of the TYPO3 Association.
We are the first and only silver member of the TYPO3 Association in Slovakia.


Favourable Price

Professional work at amazing prices. We charge from 35 Euro per hour.


International cooperation

Moreover, our team has been cooperating with the Austrian Agency Kraftwerk and we are managing an intranet site that was created for Hoerbirger.


effective Applications

We create not only cheaper websites but also applications based on CMS TYPO3. See what systems we can create according to your needs.



You do not have to worry that you will be not able to contact us after the completion of the project. We are responsible and we work hard. In addition, we offer an exclusive contract support.

Monika Švihrová
Monika Švihrová
Sales | Manager
+421 915 030 885
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BSP Magnetica, s.r.o.

Satisfied customers

These clients used our services:

  • Kuoni
  • Restplatzbörse
  • Hoerbiger
  • Kraftwerk
  • Orange
  • Peugeot


TYPO3 9.4. The latest version before the big final

06. Sep 2018

Today, we are excited to announce the release of TYPO3 version 9.4, which is the last planned Sprint Release...

TYPO3 9.3
New SEO. TYPO3 9.3 released

25. Jun 2018

Nové TYPO3 9.3 offers SEO solution using built-in extension.

TYPO3 v9.2.0
TYPO3 v9.2.0 released

01. Jun 2018

Packed with awesome features and perfectly on time, we released a new version of TYPO3 v9.

TYPO3 9.1
TYPO3 9.1 is here. It offers several repairs and improvements

19. Feb 2018

We are delighted to announce that TYPO3 version 9.1 has been published as planned today.


Fluidtemplate 4: Using Layouts

19. Apr 2016

Image list from tt-content

15. Feb 2016

Numbered content elements

02. Jun 2015

Customizable page background

11. May 2015